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It connects North West Frontier Province to Northern Areas (Gilgit). After departure from Islamabad by minibus or jeeps we experience the wild and remote areas of  NWFP, We visit Takht-e-Bai before crossing the Malakand Pass into the tribal district of Swat, and then crossing the magnificent Lowari Pass (3118 m) into the ancient kingdom of Chitral. Due to heavy snow fall it remains completely closed during winter (from November to 31st May). During winter Chitral remains closed from every side except by air, that also dependable on weather. The most interesting part of a visit to Chitral area is an excursion to the Kafir Kalash Valleys. These valleys are inhabited by the "unbelievers" related to the Kafirs of Afghanistan, who were forcibly converted to Islam just before turn of the century. The Kalash still cling to a mix of animism, ancestor and fire worship. Chitral is the main town of Hindukush Range, dominated by Trich Mir, the highest peak in the Hindukush range (7708 m). Every trek / expedition / jeep safaris either ends or starts from here. There are many passes between Chitral and Gilgit. A jeep able road connects Chitral to Gilgit through Shandur Pass (3734 m), Shandur Pass is one of them. It is a venue for the famous annual Polo tournaments between Chitral and Gilgit polo teams, which are held each year in the first or second week of July. It is the highest Polo ground in the world. There are 5 famous Passes which open to different valleys.

  1. Thui-Ann Pass
  2. Shah Jinali Pass
  3. Darkot Pass
  4. Broghil Pass
  5. Chilinji Pass


Day 1  Arrival Islamabad
Day 2-3  Islamabad / Gilgit
Day 4  A day trip to the beautiful Hunza Valley
Day 5  Gilgit / Gupis
Day 6  Gupis / Nialti
Day 7-10  Nialti / Across Thui-An Pass (14740 ft) Ghazin
Day 11-12  Ghazin / Lesht, (Upper Yarkhon Valley)
Day 13  Lesht / Sost
Day 14  Sost / Ashperu Dok
Day 15-16  Ashperu Dok / Phurgram Shahjinali (Here Trek Ends)
Day 17  Phurgram / Chitral (jeep)
Day 18  Day visit to Kalash
Day 19  Early morning fly to Peshawar
Day 20  Fly Peshawar- further flight to wards own destination

Total Period Involved - 26 Days

  1. Yasin-Darkot-Broghil, Karambar Lake Trek

  2. Swat / Peshawar / Lahore - Tour

Trek days  ----  11
Tour days  ----  15
Total days ----  26

This is a combined program (Trek + Tour). By trekking it covers the remotest area of Northern Areas near Afghan Border, by tour the famous and old cities of Pakistan (Peshawar and Lahore). Thus there is a saving of time and money as well.


Day 1

 Arrival Islamabad

Day 2-3  Islamabad / Gilgit
Day 4  Gilgit / Darkot Village
Day 5-6  Darkot village / B.Camp (4600 m)
Day 7  B.Camp / Shikarwarz (Brogil)
Day 8-9  Shikarwarz / Chikzard
Day 10  Rest day
Day 11  Chikzard / Karamber Lake
Day 12  Karamber / Shunji (Karamber Pass)
Day 13  Shunji / Sokhterabad
Day 14-15  Sokhterabad / Borth (End of trek)
Day 16  Drive to Chatorkhand
Day 17  Chatorkhand / Gilgit
Day 18-19  Gilgit / Swat and Swat
Day 20-21  Swat / Peshawar - Peshawar
Day 22  Peshawar / Islamabad
Day 23  Drive / Fly Islamabad / Lahore
Day 24-25  Lahore
Day 26  Fly to onwards destination


A winding jeep track takes to you Uthul from where the exciting trek begins. In a total of 8 days itinerary, trek over the Zani Pass to Shagram, down a steep path to Tirich River and on to Atrak. Camp at Jhungal before the Atrak Glacier with spring water flowing by. Enjoy views of Tirich Mir (7783 m) from Shogor before retracing your path.

Day 1 -
CHITRAL/UTHUL Pick up and jeep drive to Uthul. A prominent village at about 3,000 meters and the last village below the pass. The irrigated land ends immediately above Uthul, where the jeep trek becomes very steep, zigzagging up across the bare hillside for a further 3 km to the top. If climbing this on foot, it is a very hot two and half hours in full sun from Uthul to the top. Meals & overnight in the Camp.

Day 2 - UTHUL/SHAGRAM Trek over Zani Pass (3,886 m). After calling a brief halt to admire the view, descend steeply down towards Tirich Valley. The descent leads directly to Shagram 2,900 m.The village home to the high altitude porters on many of the expeditions up Tirich, Istor-o-Nal and Noshaq. Meals & overnight in the Camp.

Day 3 - SHAGRAM/ATRAK This day trek to Atrak (Jhungal) This is a short stage, useful for recovering from the considerable effort of the previous day. The route offers broad panoramas over the eastern slope of the Tirich massif. Continue along the valley, among fields and villages, until the valley branches up to Atrak (3400 m), the best permanent settlement in the Valley. Meals & overnight in the Camp.

Day 4 - ATRAK/SHAGAR This day is longer than the previous day's walk. This one takes you to the edge of the Tirich Glacier. There is a magnificent view of Tirich Mir up the Lower Tirich Glacier. The trail climbs up through increasingly barren terrain, offering increasingly fascinating views of the peaks; it then rounds the edge of the glacier. Finally, you reach grassy and sandy highland plain of Shogor-Barenis 4,000 m, an excellent place to pitch camp, with dry - masonry walls and little squares built by the porters of the expeditions up Tirich. Meals & overnight in the Camp.

Day 5 - SHAGOR Day at leisure to explore the area. Meals & overnight in the Camp.

Day 6 - SHAGOR/ATRAK Trek back to Atrak (Jhungal). The return back down towards the Valley of Atrak. The route is the same as on the way up. Meals & overnight in the Camp.

Day 7 - ATRAK/SHAGRAM Trek back to Shagrom.The reappearance of cultivated fields, apricot trees and houses is always cause for a sense of comfort, after the long days spent crossing the glacier. Meals & overnight in the Camp.

Day 8 - SHAGRAM/CHITRAL Trek back to Uthul and drive to Chitral.


Chitral has for almost all its history been isolated by passes high enough to be closed by snow for most of the year.  It is now a region of the North West Frontier Province - a name which has been retained since Partition in 1947.  Just two roads connect Chitral with the rest of Pakistan, the more important goes over the Lowari Pass (3,208m/10,528ft), closed by snow from late November until May, while the lengthy route from Gilgit on a rough jeep track over the Shandur Pass (3,734m/12,251ft) is passable for an even shorter period.   The Hindukush range is dominated by Tirich Mir (7,787m/25,548ft) and Istora Nal (7,327m/24,038ft) and marks the north-west roof of South Asia and the watershed between the valleys draining the Oxus and the Indus Basins. South and East, the Hindu Raj mountains separate Chitral from Gilgit, Swat and Dir.  Before the building of the road from Peshawar to Chitral by the British in 1895, troops leaving Islamabad for Chitral had to travel either via Srinagar and Gilgit, a grueling 1,000 km journey over 5 passes, or via Abottabad, Chilas and Gilgit (800 km).  Historically the Chitral Valley was one of the principal arteries of the Silk Road, across the Broghil Pass to Yarkand and Kashgar, but was later replaced by the more southern routes along the Indus and through Kashmir and Ladakh due to persistent banditry and feuding in the region.

The Chitrali people, who call their land, Kho, are not Pathan and their language, Khowar, although it belongs to the Dardic group, has strong connections with the languages of the Pamir and Wakhan regions to the north and with Iran.  In addition there are two minorities.  The Kafir Kalash, who number about 3,000, inhabit the valleys of Birir, Bumburet and Raumbur, just south of Chitral.  The Wakhi, a nomadic group occupy the Pamir (literally meaning upland grazing zone) and the neighboring Wakhan Corridor, a thin wedge of Afghan territory separating the Soviet Union and Pakistan.  The ruling clan, the Adamzada, trace their lineage back to Tamer lane, and are known to have ruled from the 1600s.

Some trekking is now allowed and official permission to take groups to the Base Camp of Tirich Mir was only granted for the first time in 1991.  This will be our sixth foray into the region and our other treks came back full of enthusiastic descriptions of a much un-spoilt area.  The people that inhabit the valley are a strange mixture of different races - some claim ancestry to Alexander the Great, 327BC, others to Genghis Khan, and at one time the area was invaded by the Chinese.

Our trek has the exciting objective of visiting the Base Camp of the highest mountain of the Hindukush, Tirich Mir, 7,787m/25,548ft, but besides this we will visit the Kalash Valleys and spend some time in Chitral itself.

The nine days of trekking are set at an easy, leisurely pace to allow plenty of time for visiting villages en-route and for interaction with the local people.


02  FLY TO CHITRAL. (4,980ft/1,518m). Transfer to hotel
03  VISIT THE KALASH VALLEYS (5,476-7,576ft/1,669-2,309m). Overnight at the hotel
04  DRIVE TO BURUM. (8,500ft/2,590m).  Camp overnight.
05  TREK TO CHETURGHARI (10,200ft/3,109m) Camp overnight.
06  TREK TO JUNALI.  (11,700ft / 3,566m) Camp overnight.
08  RETURN TREK TO CHETURGHARI. (10,200ft/3,109m) Camp overnight.
09  THURSDAY: TREK TO OVIR-AVI.  (10,500ft/3,200m Camp overnight).
10  TREK TO DUGGAS. (10,500ft / 3,200m). Camp overnight.
11  TREK TO CAMP SITE BELOW OVIR PASS. (13,800ft/4,206m)6 hours. Camp overnight.
12  CROSS THE OVIR PASS (14,107ft/4,300m), TREK TO KIYAR. (10,000ft/3,048m). Camp overnight.
13  REST DAY. A chance to relax and explore the area around Kiyar. Camp overnight.  
15  FLY TO PESHAWAR. (If for any reason the flight is cancelled you will drive back in one day). Overnight at the hotel.
16  AT LEISURE IN PESHAWAR.  Optional trip to Khyber Pass. Overnight at the hotel.


Chitral forms Pakistan's norht-western border with Afghanistan, and is home to the precipitous (very steep) mountains of the Hindukush. This range is different from the Himalaya and Karakorum and since there are no 8000m peaks here, it is not as well known. However, Tirich Mir at 7708m and its accompanying peaks command respect. Alexander the great troops had to battle through the snows on their passage from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Additionally, a route of the silk road wound through the Boroghil Pass in Upper Chitral. Presently Chitralis are mostly Muslims, but in the south of Chitral there are three valleys inhabited by the Kafir Kalash. From the starting point of Chitral we drive to Sholkuch and walking through the Yarkhun valley we will get to the Boroghil Pass. From Boroghil Pass we walk over the Darkot Pass to enter the Yasin valley and then over the Ishkoman Pass to Ishkoman. The Darkot Pass is very steep on the south side so is best to approach from the north.


Day 1 Arrive Islamabad, transfer to Hotel Shalimar. Visit the Ministry of Tourism for Trek briefing to get the trekking permit with trek leader and guide. Afternoon free to explore the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Day 2 Drive to Dir along the Grand Trunk Road, passing as we go to the huge Moghul fortress of Attock, built by the emperor Akbar in the late 14th century at the confluence of the Indus and Kabul rivers. Soon after we turn northwards towards the mountains and cross the Malakand Pass. We also pass Churchill picket, a small fort where a young Winston Churchill served in 1897. On arrival to Dir transfer to Al-Manzar Hotel.
Day 3 Drive to Chitral over the Lowari Pass 3118m, transfer to PTDC Motel.
Day 4 Day trip to Kalash valleys, Bamburet and Birir, overnight at PTDC Motel Chitral.
Day 5 Drive by jeeps to Sholkuch, overnight in tents.
Day 6 Trek to Mughil Mariru, overnight in tents. 5-6 hrs.
Day 7 Trek to Lasht, camp overnight in tents. 5-6 hrs.
Day 8 Trek to Kishmanja, overnight in tents. 6-7 hrs.
Day 9 Trek to Ishkarwarz, overnight intents.
Day 10 Day trip to Boroghil Pass, overnight in tents.
Day 11 Trek Darkot base camp, overnight in tents.
Day 12 Cross Darkot Pass to Rawat, overnight in tents.
Day 13 Trek to Darkot village, overnight in tents.
Day 14 Trek to Anisarbar, overnight in tents.
Day 15 Cross Ishkoman Pass, camp other side. Overnight in tents.
Day 16 Trek to Dajapuk, overnight in tents.
Day 17 Trek to Ghotulti, overnight in tents.
Day 18 Drive by jeeps to Gilgit, transfer to Hotel Riveria.
Day 19 Drive to Besham, transfer to PTDC Motel.
Day 20 Drive to Rawalpindi, transfer to Hotel Shalimar.
Day 21 Transfer to the airport for flight to onward destination.



Day 01  Islamabad
Day 02  Drive to Gilgit on KKH Road
Day 03  Drive by Jeeps to Naltar valley
Day 04  Trek to Naltar Lake
Day 05  Trek to Upper Shani
Day 06  Climb Naltar Pass & Trek down to Lal Palther
Day 07  Trek down to Ishkoman Valley
Day 08  Trek to Boimo Shanen
Day 09  Trek up to Panji Pass and decend down to Gilgit camp
Day 10  Trek to Yaseen Vallee
Day 11  Rest day
Day 12-14  Trek to Hundur/Darkut/ Assumber Pass
Day 15  Rest day
Day 16-17  Trek to Handis/Ghotulti
Day 18  Drive back to Gilgit by Jeeps
Day 19  Drive back to Chilas by Mini bus
Day 20  Drive to Islamabad on KKH Road
Day 21  Fly Back



Day 1 Arrive Islamabad, transfer to hotel.
Day 2 Drive to Besham, hotel.
Day 3 Drive to Gilgit, hotel.
Day 4 Drive Gilgit to Naltar Lake, camp.
Day 5 Trek Naltar Lake to Shani, camp.
Day 6 Trek Shani to Dainter Pass (3660 MT), camp.
Day 7 Trek Dainter Pass to Dainter village, camp.
Day 8 Trek Dainter village to Baltar, camp.
Day 9 Rest day at Baltar, camp.
Day 10 Trek Baltar to Bar, camp.
Day 11 Drive to Karimabad Hunza, hotel.
Day 12 In Karimabad Hunza, hotel.
Day 13 Morning free, afternoon, drive to Gilgit, hotel.
Day 14 Fly to Islamabad, if flight cancelled drive to Besham, hotel.
Day 15 Free day in Rawalpindi or drive Besham to Rawalpindi, hotel.
Day 16 Transfer to airport for onward destination.



Day 1 Drive Islambad to Dir, hotel.
Day 2 Drive Dir to Bomburet, hotel.
Day 3 Excursions to the Kalash valleys Birir & Rambour.
Day 4 Drive to Dir by visiting Chitral town, hotel.
Day 5 Drive to Islamabad.



Day 1 Arrive Islamabad, transfer to Pearl Continental for breakfast. After breakfast drive to Peshawar, transfer to hotel.
Day 2 - 3 In Peshawar, Visits to local history and cultural sites.
Day 4 Morning drive from Peshawar to Dir. Overnight hotel in Dir.
Day 5 Drive from Dir to Chitral, transfer to hotel.
Day 6 - 10 In the Chitral valleys - simple hiking between villages, bird watching and meeting the people, Local village accommodation, simple guest houses and Chitrali fort.
Day 11 Flight from Chitral to Peshawar, transfer to hotel.
Day 12 At leisure in Peshawar. Farewell dinner.
Day 13 Drive from Peshawar to Islamabad, transfer to hotel. Afternoon free time.
Day 14 Transfer to airport for flight to onward destination.



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