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Our tour features some of Pakistan's most memorable sights-Lahore, the Paris of Asia" the legendary Khyber Pass and story Tellers' Bazaar of Peshawar - the emerald valley of Swat the ancient Silk Road to China, the present day Karakorum Highway - and the Hunza Valley, the fabled "Shangri-la", where, on average, people live to be 110 ! We will be using various modes of transport including rail in bogeys reminiscent of the British Raj, but for the most part a comfortable chauffeur-driven car and 4-wheel drive jeeps. Our accommodation is simple but comfortable, reflecting the local style, and where possible, in village guesthouses.


Day 1 "Paris of Asia" Lahore
Day 2 The hub of culture - Lahore.
Day 3 On the Grand Trunk Road (by rail) - Rawalpindi.
Day 4 The world's best bazaar, Peshawar.
Day 5 Carry on up to Khyber - Peshawar
Day 6 An Emerald vale-Swat Valley.
Day 7 On the ancient Silk Road, Chilas.
Day 8 - 9 - 10 Could this be Shangri-La-Hunza Valley.
Day 11 A mountain oasis - Gilgit.
Day 12 The flight of a lifetime - Rawalpindi.
Day 13 Departure Islamabad.



Day 1 Arrive Rawalpindi, drive directly to Mingora Swat, transfer to hotel
Day 2 Drive to Kalam and back to Mingora, hotel.
Day 3 Drive to Bumburet (Kalash Valley) Chitral, camp.
Day 4 Drive to Birir (Kalash Valley) and back to Bumburet, camp.
Day 5 Drive to Mastuj, camp.
Day 6 Drive to Phander over Shandur pass, camp.
Day 7 Drive to Cher Qila (Punial), camp.
Day 8 Drive to Karimabad (Hunza), hotel.
Day 9 Day trip to Khunjerab, pass (the highest road pass in the world) and back to Karimabad, hotel.
Day 10 Free day in Karimabad, hotel.
Day 11 Drive to Chilas, hotel.
Day 12 Drive to Naran over Babusar pass (1300 ft.), hotel.
Day 13 Drive to Rawalpindi, hotel.
Day 14 Transfer to airport for onward destination.



Day 1 Arrive Islamabad, transferred to Hotel
Day 2 - 3 Peshawar
Day 4 Swat
Day 5 Kalam
Day 6 Chitral
Day 7 Kalash
Day 8 Mastuj
Day 9 Phander
Day 10 Cher Qila
Day 11 Karimabad
Day 12 Taxurgan
Day 13 - 15 In China (Kashgar)
Day 16 Taxurgan
Day 17 - 19 Karimabad
Day 20 Gulmit
Day 21 - 22 Gilgit/Islamabad
Day 23 Transfer to Airport for onward destination



Day 1 Arrive Rawalpindi, transfer to hotel. Afternoon city tour of Rawalpindi & Islamabad.
Day 2 Drive to Naran, Hotel. (Distance 160 miles)
Day 3 Day Trip to Lake Saiful Muluk, spend the whole day by walking either around the Lake or towards Malika Barbat valley. Overnight hotel in Naran.
Day 4 Drive over Babusar Pass to Chilas, hotel (Distance 105 miles)
Day 5 Drive to Rama Lake, camp. (Distance 115 miles)
Day 6 Free day at Rama Lake, camp.
Day 7 Drive to Gilgit, hotel. (Distance 85 miles)
Day 8 Drive to Naltar, camp. (Distance 28 miles)
Day 9 Drive to Karimabad, hotel. (Distance 98 miles)
Day 10 Morning in Karimabad, afternoon drive to Duiker, camp. (Distance 07 miles).
Day 11 Drive to Borit Lake, camp. (Distance 30 miles)
Day 12 Drive to Hoper, camp. (Distance 45 miles)
Day 13 Drive Hoper to Gilgit, hotel. (Distance 85 miles)
Day 14 Drive to Besham, hotel. Distance 205 miles.
Day 15 Drive over Shangla Pass to Kalam, hotel. (Distance 95 miles)
Day 16 Drive to Rawalpindi, hotel. (Distance 200 miles)
Day 17 Transfer to the airport for flight to onward destination.



Day 1 Arrive Rawalpindi hotel .Depart for Taxila excursion
Day 2 Rawalpindi/Dir camp
Day 3 Dir / Bumburet Kalash valley, camp.
Day 4 Bumburet / Rambur / Bumburet Kalash valleys, camp.
Day 5 Bumburet/Chitral / Sarghus, camp.
Day 6 Sarghus / phander lake –camp.
Day 7 Phander lake/Punial -camp.
Day 8 Punial / Karimabad / Gulmit-hotel.
Day 9 Morning free, afternoon drive to Karimabad, hotel.
Day 10 Drive to Chilas, hotel.
Day 11 Drive to Naran over Babusar Pass, hotel.
Day 12 Drive to Rawalpindi, hotel.
Day 13 Transfer to the airport for flight to onward destination.



Day 1 Arrive Islamabad, hotel.
Day 2 Drive to Peshawar, hotel
Day 3 Day trip to Khyber Pass, afternoon city tour.
Day 4 Drive to Dir, hotel.
Day 5 Drive to Bumburet, hotel.
Day 6 Day trip to Kalash valleys Birir and Rambour, hotel.
Day 7 Drive to Mastuj (Sarghuz), camp.
Day 8 Drive to Phander by crossing Shandur Pass (3720m), camp.
Day 9 Drive to Punial, camp.
Day 10 Drive to Gulmit, hotel.
Day 11 Day trip to Khunjerab Pass, overnight in Gulmit.
Day 12 Drive to Karimabad, transfer to hotel. Visit Altit & Baltit forts and bazaar.
Day 13 Day trip to Hoper glacier, in the afternoon drive to Gilgit.
Day 14 Drive to Skardu, hotel.
Day 15 Day trip to Shigar valley, overnight in Skardu.
Day 16 Drive to Deosai, camp.
Day 17 Drive to Rama, camp.
Day 18 Drive to Chilas, hotel.
Day 19 Drive to Naran over Babusar Pass (4377m), camp.
Day 20 Drive to Rawalpindi, hotel.
Day 21 Transfer to airport for flight to onward destination.


We begin our journey in Islamabad and proceed to the beautiful alpine lush green Kaghan valley. This valley rivals any in the American Rockies and the European Alps. From here we drive over the Babusar Pass and enter another realm of the Indus gorge. This is where the monsoons are unable to unleash their torrents as they have exhausted all of their moisture in valleys like the Kaghan. The monsoon clouds have a difficult time going over the Himalayas on their northward journey. The next part of our journey takes us to Fairy Meadows, Hunza valley, Skardu valley and over the high Deosai plains into Astore valley. From Rama Lake we travel westwards to the Hindukush mountains, home of the Kafir Kalash. These pagan tribes claim descent from Alexander the Great. Chitral town is the capital of the Hindukush mountain region and is crowned by the 7708 m. Tirichmir. From Chitral we make our way back to Islamabad via Swat and Peshawar. This gives us an ample opportunity to witness tribal Pathan culture. We are also able to observe historical sites such as Churchill's picket and ancient Buddhist carvings.

During this overland Jeep safari we traverse the western Himalaya, Karakoram and the Hindukush mountain ranges.


Day 1 Arrive Islamabad, transfer to Hotel. Excursion to Taxila museum and sites.
Day 2 Drive to Balakot, hotel.
Day 3 Drive to Lake Saiful Muluk, camp.
Day 4 Drive Lake Saiful Muluk to Besel, camp.
Day 5 Drive Besel to Chilas, hotel.
Day 6 Drive to Tato and walk 2 hours to Fairy Meadows, camp.
Day 7 Fairy Meadows Exploration.
Day 8 Walk down to Tato, drive to Raikot bridge and then drive to Gilgit, hotel.
Day 9 Drive to Gulmit, hotel.
Day 10 Walk over the Ghulking glacier to Borit Lake and drive to Passu, hotel.
Day 11 Drive to Karimabad, hotel.
Day 12 Drive to Skardu, hotel.
Day 13 Day trips to Kachura Lake and Shangri-La, hotel.
Day 14 Drive to Deosai, camp.
Day 15 Drive to Rama, camp.
Day 16 Drive to Gilgit, hotel.
Day 17 Drive to Sher Qilla, camp.
Day 18 Drive to Phander, camp.
Day 19 Drive to Sarghus, camp.
Day 20 Drive to Chitral, hotel.
Day 21 Drive to Bumburet & Rambour Kalash valleys, camp at Bumburet.
Day 22 Drive to Dir, hotel.
Day 23 Drive to Peshawar, hotel.
Day 24 Morning day trip to Khyber Pass afternoon Peshawar city tour, hotel.
Day 25 Drive to Rawalpindi, hotel.
Day 26 Transfer to the airport for flight to onward destination.



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